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Dóni-tec was founded in 2001 and nowadays works with the bottling market using plastic or metallic caps of several sizes in their products. We operate either by selling it directly to the bottle filler or in partnership with cap manufacturing companies, as well as filling machine repairmen and manufacturers.

The capping or seaming chucks are widely used in the soft drink, mineral water and juice industries; breweries, distilleries and wine industry; pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, agrochemicals and petrochemical industries; and others. Such parts are responsible for the adequate closure of the product cap.

Besides the chucks, we also provide the anti rotation knives, which are mostly responsible for the better performance of bottle-capping while maintaining the right torque.

We provide several parts for laboratory use, torque inspection and go/no go templates, and special projects too.

We are partners of several cap manufacturing companies, and work with parts for caps of several sizes, such as: 1881 / 1810 / 26mm / 33mm / 38mm and others. We provide the parts that will be used by the end-customer.

Dóni-tec serves the whole national market, having an export sector as well, being able to send its parts to several countries.


Dóni-tec is strong on the market since 2001, and nowadays it serves nearly all Brazilian bottle fillers and cap manufacturers, Overall, we work with over 500 companies.

We have a great know-how and deploy the best price-performance ratio, assuring the best performance in the implementation of caps.

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Short delivery limit and specialized technical staff that guarantees the best service available.

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We make our products with specific raw materials for each part model, assuring greater durability and performance in the machinery. We add specific chunks of our know-how to each project, thus meeting the clients’ needs.