Industrial Process


First option – Verify if the side of the part contains the initials “DT” followed by numbers, which you shall describe to us. This is the technical layout of said part, which is filed in our technical department.

Second option – Send a sample of the part to our address (the part may be in disuse). We shall verify the external measures of the part by reverse-engineering and adjust the new parts to be in accordance with the to-be-used cap.

Third option – In case you do not have a sample of the part, nor the DT emblazoned on it, we will send a blank drawing, which shall be filled by the responsible person, including the external measures of the chuck.

Fourth option – Shipping of the technical layout as received by the manufacturer or technical file.

We always adjust capping chucks according to the cap sample to be used. Send us a sample of the caps in several colors, or ask our technical department to verify the availability of samples within our own files.

After receiving such information, our technical department will perform a quotation and, after approval, the order shall start being developed and machined.

We work with specific raw materials for each kind of part, optimizing its lifespan and assuring a great price-performance ratio.

The whole machining process is done inside Dóni-tec, guaranteeing a quick delivery.

The shipment of the parts is done according to the need of the client, usually by a shipper (car or motorcycle), Sedex or by plane. We dispatch parts from the Viracopos airport, in Campinas, SP.